London Writers and Poverty. How the Lit Pub Crawl started. Part One

Posted by Nick Hennegan on Friday, August 15, 2014 Under: Nick Hennegan
It's me birthday!  Thanks!  Feel free to send cards. Or cash... :-)

Birthdays are often a time for reflection.  When I first got the idea for the London Literary Pub Crawl, it was because I was taking my M.A. and I was flat broke.  In spite of never having received a grant for education, for reasons known only to the Education Dept I had to fund everything myself.  It was tough - not only the fees, but living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.  But I don't think we'd have done this show if it hadn't been for my poverty.  I found myself in the Fitzroy Tavern in Fitzrovia in Central London because a mate of mine also up in London from Birmingham, Andy Bloom, told me the beer was cheap!  Which it was.  Having enjoyed a fairly expansive social life up to this pint... sorry, point... I was determined not to let poverty grind me down, so clasping a saved £10 note I strode into the Tavern ready to neck four Alpine Lagers!
Instantly I was attracted by a sign that pointed to the Writers and Artists Bar.  So I got Pint One and headed downstairs. And then I saw the pictures of Dylan Thomas, George Orwell and Augustus John on the wall.  Over Pint Two I started to wonder why the pictures were here.  If they were regulars in this pub, then there must be some stories to tell.  By Pint Three I was convinced Dylan Thomas was personally trying to tell me something about being a writer in a pub and having no money. And by Pint Four I knew I must do some investigating and research about this curious little Village within a City, Fitzrovia.

So I did...

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