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Writers Retreat! New Books! 

It's been a busy few months...!

So how was your summer? I had a bit of an odd one. But I want to tell you about -

  •   Our first BOOKS
  •   Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas
  •   The London Literary Pub Crawl and how you can buy a bit of the action!

The big news is that we are finally starting our 
Saturday, 28th September, 2013.  11am - 5pm.
Then every last Saturday of the month.

The Fitzroy Tavern, Charlotte Street, London W1.

Tickets £35 - HERE

I've been on a few and think it's a very funky idea.  See here for details. We've also got DISCOUNTS for booking 6 or 12 days. See our new shop HERE.

In addition, the other mahoosive news is that I am delighted to report Maverick now has not one, but TWO books almost ready to release.

I'd like you to consider buying an advanced copy to help us fund the publishing. In return we'll invite you to the launch parties! Pre-order your special copy and tickets HERE.

The first book is Confessions of a Brummie Boy. (Or should that be Brummy...?) by the late Norman Raybone. More details below.

'Confessions of a Brummie Boy' is a memoir written by the late Norman Raybone.  Norman was born in Birmingham in 1914.  At the age of 82, urged on by his eldest son, Norman took computer lessons so he could write his memoir.  It gives a unique insight into life in Birmingham and England during a remarkable century. Rarely do the working-class have a voice. Norman's is funny, candid and strangely moving.

He wanted Maverick Theatre to have the book in recognition of the charity's work attracting new audiences to the performing arts.

Pre-ordering the book now HERE will fund the development of the print copy, due to be released later this year. It will also be released as an e-book.  

As an added thank you for your support, you will be invited to the Maverick Theatre launch event parties, in Birmingham and London in early 2014, with Norman Raybone's family.

The second book is How to Make a Crisis Out of A Drama, by.. er... me!  And some others who've worked and been involved with Maverick. The 'Mavererbook' is for you if you've ever seen a film or a play. Or worked in theatre. Or remember Princess Di! Or, of course, ever came to a Maverick Production.


Preorder the books today and get a FREE launch party ticket in Birmingham and London.  Again, there are a few more details below.


Maverick Theatre is 20 years old in 2014. In 1997 founder and Artistic Director Nick Hennegan kept a diary for four months of Maverick Theatre life. It includes casting and creating the award-winning play A Ghost of a Chance, staring Paul Henry (forever to be know as Benny from ITV's Crossroads) and 13 year old Justyn Luke Towler. It also includes three other productions, the death of a Princess, how to live in poverty but still occassionally get drunk, why bother with art and isn't theatre sometimes a real bitch! It also included numbers of famous and not-so-famous people. 

The 'diary' sold out in 1997 and is being brought up-to-date this year. It includes messages and reminicences from others who worked with Maverick. It also includes Nick's latest project, The London Literary Pub Crawl and a brief insight into Dracula, a 'concept album' with Robb Williams planned for next year.

Writen with humour and sympathy, it will appeal to anyone who has ever worked in theatre, knows someone who does, or who has been to see a play or a film. Oh yes, and those who remember Princess Diana.

Nick tells the warts-and-all story of Maverick Theatre's award-winning work attracting new audiences to the performing arts.

Pre-ordering the book HERE now will fund the development of the print copy, due to be released early next year. It will also be released as an e-book.  

As an additional thank you for your support, you will recieve a signed copy of the book and an invitation to the Maverick Theatre launch event parties, in Birmingham and London in early 2014. 

Under Milk Wood
 by Dylan Thomas.
It's happening early November and it's going to be BIG! We're talking to Eastenders, The Bill'ers, Holby City and a few others! Discount tickets £15 here.   

Become a shareholder in the London Literary Pub Crawl. E-mail for details. Why not book a tour for Christmas HERE.


Dracula. Kickstarter coming soon?

It's all about diaries, loves! The Maverbook, Dracula, Confessions of a Brummie boy...

I'd love to hear from you.



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