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It was a stark, dark night in Soho.
 I sat in the mugg of the French House nursing a small beer.  Maddy flicked her long blonde hair and fixed me with her baby-blues.
“It’s theatre, you shmuck.” She almost snarled.  “I know publishing. And I know you’ve godda do a regular newsletter. Every month, whatever happens.  It’s the only way. You godda build your brand and you godda do it NOW.  Kapish?”
“What do you know, huh?” I muttered, taking a slug of now warm beer. “Brands? You’re a young broad.  What do you really know?  I’ve been writing and dragging shows into life since the dark days of the 90’s.”
Maddy leaned forward.  Her face almost touched mine.
“What do I know?  I know you have to keep it interesting.  I also know that almost by accident you have created a great brand with huge interest from all around the world.”
She grabbed my tie and pulled me even closer.
“And you know what else?”
“No. What else?”
Her voice was low and husky. “I spent three years…” she looked furtively around the bar, “...working for the Arts Council of England!”
“What!” I exclaimed.  “The Arts Council of…”
But I was talking to thin air.  Maddy had slipped her hourglass figure off the stool, thrown her fur around her shoulders and stalked off into the purple-black night. 
I sat there for a while and thought about Maddie.  I knew I’d godda do me a newsletter.  And fast.


I think that’s how it happened anyway. Or maybe I’d been reading too many American crime novels.   I’ll ask Maddy when I next see her. Probably in Soho.  Anyway, it was definitely Maddy who said we need a monthly newsletter so because of Maddy, this is Regular Newsletter One! Every month, I’ll carry on with the story. I’m not a great fan of newsletters, but Maddy might be right.  We’ve got a lot of news to share.  And I DO like keeping in touch with you.


Soooo what’s been happening?  Quite a lot, actually.  I’m in the newspapers! The photo was taken a few years ago in the studios of Heart-FM.  I’m a bit older and a bit thinner now. And how great would it be to open in the West End!


This is a short trailer we knocked up for PALS a while ago.  Whaddyathink?



We’re now booking the next 6 months for the London Literary Pub Crawl. Thanks to Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf (Deceased!) and YOU if you came to our show. Thank you so much. Because we are all artists it’s such a buzz to share the love with the Lit Pub Crawl!


I’m really excited and privileged to have been awarded a Society of London Theatre, Stage One Bursary.  It is a theatrical fact that if you want to be an actor, director, technician, administrator - in fact anything in theatre, there is training available.  But only in the last few years has there been training for producers. These are the people that make it all happen. Check out Stage One here -



So is Maddie correct? Newsletter good or bad? Please let me know. You can unsubscribe at any time. 


I’ll leave you with this - our first introduction to our first publication.  Me first e-book! ‘Confessions of a Butcher Boy’.  Norman Raybone’s story. Was he the first ever citizen journalist?  I can’t help but be moved by real stories of real people. Especially when you find out how I met Norman..! Click on E-Books in the menu on the left


Please feel free to get back to me about anything. And comments, good or bad, are gratefully accepted.


Keep Maddy happy!


Snogs/manly hugs,




Nick Hennegan.

Artistic Director, Producer, Tea-boy and Maddy’s Chum.

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