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It’s all a bit relative really.  Especially given our typical English weather. But we finished our one-woman ‘Henry V - Lion of England’ to great acclaim in June and August should be the month of slowing down, taking things easy and recharging the batteries for the winter.

Virtually impossible if you’re working in the arts, of course. And if you are, you might be interested in this book.  We’re re-releasing it with lots of photos and posters, reviews and raves and, mainly, a reprint of a stream-of-consciousness diary I wrote in 1997.

Yep, I know.  I’m not famous and if you’ve been on our London Literary Pub Crawl, you might not even have heard of Maverick Theatre!

But the reason we thought we’d put this out again is that you obviously have an interest in the arts and writers and literature and this book scrubs into all this.  There’s no pretension and it touches on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, working with Child Actors, Writing, Sexual Abuse, Ballet Dancers, R.A.D.A., Birmingham, Billesley, Shakespeare, Pubs, drinking too much, How to Avoid Baliffs (is there a TV pilot here?) friendships and feuds, Press Conferences, Formula One and Producing a brand new play with an award from Guinness, The National Theatre and the Arts Council.  How much more do you need..?

I'd not seen Withnail and I, when I wrote this. But there are some similarities! And of course, we’re hoping to sell a few copies to raise some dosh for our future projects. 

Early Reviews.

"It made me laugh out loud. And on occasion, shed a tear." John Slater.

"Hennegan writes brilliantly and vividly about the people he encounters. A stream of concienceness that is sometimes painfully honest and often hillaious" Caroline Moore.

"An hillarious, observed must-read if you are thinking of starting a theatre company. Or maybe you shouldn't read it!" Peter Willis.

So, do us a favour. You can buy either the e-book version (then open it in Kindle, Kobo, iBooks or on your computer or phone or tablet as a pdf.) OR the audio version, read by.. er … me!

There's a whole new website too for our birthday at

Check US out...!


Och aye... We're in Edinburgh for the Festival too. Listen out for some special podcasts at Podcasts.

And I'll be doing some live Periscope TV broadcasts and videos too.

As always, thanks for your support. Please get in touch if you've any comments, queries or complaints.


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