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If we don’t do a newsletter, Maddie, Princess of Soho, (wrong sex and too young yet to be A Queen!) will shout at Nick Hennegan. Me. So, lots to share with you.


If you are in London this weekend, check out The Bloomsbury Festival. Full of great stuff, they’re back after a break.  Find our podcast about it here.


In our Maverick Theatre/Literary Pub Crawl world, our sponsorship with the lovely Fitzrovia Partnership comes to an end this month.  We love them and we think we helped put Fitzrovia on the world map a bit, particularly in the USA, with our Literary Pub Crawl publicity.  And they really helped us start a regular Tavern Tour.


But now it’s finished and we’re in a bit of a sticky location. You know, by that rock and that hard place. Do we carry on or not?  Without marketing it’ll be tough.  If people don't know, people won’t go.


So could you help?  I know that in a world of poverty, inequality and starvation, supporting a theatre company and a podcast is maybe not a top priority.  But if you could find it in your heart to donate the price of a cup of coffee and a croissant every month, HUGE things will happen.  In our 21st year - God - 21 years! - there are numerous creators, performers and writers whose careers and lives have been helped by our no-nonsense approach to theatre and the arts.


So if you can afford $1 a month - yep, it’s an american company doing the admin but $1 is LESS than £1 - we'd be very greatful.  A bit like crowdfunding, you get rewards for your help, too. Please let me know what you think.




God bless us. Every One!  On the theme of giving, Scrooge, the world’s favourite miser, was at the centre of our acclaimed, sell-out Christmas show last year in London.  THIS YEAR TO CELEBRATE OUR 21ST BIRTHDAY WE’RE RETURNING TO OUR ROOTS.  A Pub.  In Birmingham.  Our version of A Christmas Carol runs from 14 -  23 December.  It’s a magical tale where I’ve used much of Dickens original language, added director Katie Merrit’s love of puppetry and added a dash of Maverick.  It worked quite well.   And it seems to be working well again.  MOST NIGHTS HAVE ALREADY NEARLY SOLD OUT! Which is just fantastic. Book quick here!




Talking of Selling Tickets, if you have a newsletter or a website, why not offer your friends a 10% discount on our tickets AND make 10-25% for you or your organisation. We now have a box office system that allows this to happen.  You will have your own exclusive discount code and get paid monthly as an affiliate.  Drop me a quick email if you’d like your own code.




I’m thinking of creating a Limited Company for the Literary Pub Crawl and offering you a share of the company through SEEDRS. We need about £50k I think.  What do you think?  Any interest?




 I was interviewed about writing, recently too! I only do interviews with people called Thomas it would seem. Although it IS my Dad's name...!




I'm going to do a Periscope Broadcast this Thursday, 22nd, at 8pm BST if you've got any questions. Live from a London pub!  Follow @LiteraryPubs. The Periscope App is free and available from the iTunes store or Google Play Store.




Phew!  Lots to see in this newsletter.  As always, thanks so much for your support.

Please let me know if you have any comments, queries or criticisms about anything. Email or maybe I'll see you on Periscope, Thursday at 8pm!


Love and/or man hugs,




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