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The Edinburgh Festivals return! - LLPC 093

Nick Hennegan talks to Nick Barley, director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, about the return of the worlds biggest arts festivals. See the video at Bohemian Britain.

A Fitzrovia ArtsParty - Live! - LLPC 092

To celebrate the return of the Fitzrovia Arts Festival, Nick Hennegan went to the opening event in Warren Mews, London, W1. There he meets (and tries to drink with!) the locals… who are writers, artists, historians, gallery owners, Soho tailors and office workers, all sharing a love for a unique and hidden part of London. And this gem of an area almost throws up the truth about… Jack the Ripper! (Sort of..!)

Sherlock Holmes, Tron the movie and Robin Williams! - LLPC 091

Nick Hennegan talks to writer Bonnie MacBird​ for his Resonance 104.4FM radio show 'Literary London' about her new series of Sherlock Holmes novels; how she came to work in Hollywood and created and wrote the TRON series of films - and how she discovered Robin Williams!

For further information about Bonnie MacBird visit: Twitter:@macbird / Instagram: bmacbird

The Bloomsbury Festival - LLPC 090

Nick Hennegan talks to Rosemary Richards, director of the Bloomsbury Festival, about Bloomsbury, coping with COVID, filming live events, how to get involved and the future. Broadcast on 'Literary London' on Resonance 104.4 FM.

See the live interview below and on the Maverick Theatre Company's YouTube channel.

Christmas Literary Requests - LLPC 089

Well!  It's been a weird and often tragic 2020. So Nick Hennegan put out a call on social media for Literary Requests for his Resonance 104.4FM Radio show. And here is the first episode of his listeners rather eclectic choice.

Featuring the theme music from A Christmas Carol by Robbie Williams, a beautiful version of a Dylan Thomas poem by Cerys Matthews (pictured right) and the charity single Christmas In Soho, amongst others.

Contact Nick on radio @ MaverickTheatre . co . uk if you'd like a mention!

Edgar Allan Poe - in Chelsea and new york - LLPC 088

For his Resonance 104.4FM radio show, Nick Hennegan talks via Zoom to American writer, Eric Chase about Edgar Allan Poe in the USA and Chelsea, London.  (Video available below and on the Maverick Theatre YouTube channel.)

A Book festival in the most literary place in the World! - LLPC 087

Nick Hennegan's 'Literary London' radio show returns on Resonance 104.4fm and Nick Hennegan talks to Torin Douglas about the Chiswick Book Festival, its Writers Trail and why Chiswick in West London is considered one of the most literary places in the world!

Lucinda Hawksley talks Charles Dickens - LLPC 086

Writer Nick Hennegan talks to writer Lucinda Hawksley about her famous relative - Charles Dickens. Recorded for Nick's Resonance 104.4fm Radio show - Literary London.

Our first 'Vodcast'!  Audio AND video of IrishPoet Cahal Dallat - LLPC 085

Nick Hennegan talks to Irish poet Cahal Dallat about taking the John Hewitt Festival on line for the first time, and Chiswick in West London, perhaps one of the most 'writerly' place in the world!

Watch the live video on You Tube!

Celebrating actor Oliver Reed and our new Wimbledon LITERARY Pub Crawl - LLPC 084

The British actor Oliver Reed was huge in the 1970's and had a reputation as a 'hell-raiser'.  But was it deserved?  As we launch a new Literary Pub Crawl in Wimbledon, London, Olivers birthplace and home, Nick Hennegan looks at his career and talks to locals about the REAL Oliver Reed.

T. S Eliot and the new 'Cats' movie - LLPC 083

Writer and director Nick Hennegan celebrates the life and work of T.S. Eliot and the release of the new film version of Cats.  Features music from the film, including a new tune, sung by Taylor Swift.  

Nick Hennegan marks the passing of David Bowie with music from Clifford Slapper; celebrates J. R. R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings and talks theatre and Ken Campbell to Ken's daughter Daisy.

daughter of Pigspurt part one - daisy campbell.  llpc 081

Nick Hennegan celebrates the 10th anniversary of the death of theatrical maverick Ken Campbell, with his daughter, Daisy. Features parts of her hilarious one-woman show ‘Daughter of Pigspurt’ recorded live at the British Library.

In Yer Ear Part 1 - LLPC 080

Nick Hennegan goes to an underground drinking club in Soho, London, for the launch of a new spoken word anthology. (Contains adult themes and language.)

Weimar & Back - Melinda Hughes at the Edinburgh Festival - LLPC 079

Nick Hennegan is backstage at the Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Festival, with singer and writer Melinda Hughes. They talk about her famous father, British film, classical music, her new album and her fringe festival performance.

A Tale of Two Artists - Greg Bryon/Gavin Robertson - LLPC 078

Before his appearance at Maverick Theatre's SpeakEasy Cabaret in London, Actor/PoetGavin/Greg talks to Nick Hennegan at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe about acting, the West End, writing, David Bowie, poetry, Thunderbirds, and Jeremy Irons!

10 Years of a Book Festival  - and Torin Douglas on journalism - LLPC 077

The Chiswick Book Festival in West London is a local literary festival with a national profile.  

As it celebrates its 10th year, Nick Hennegan talks to festival director Torin Douglas about his career as a journalist and how the Festival came about.

The Marilyn Conspiracy at the Edinburgh Festival - LLPC 076

Nick Hennegan talks to Guy Masterson and actor Susie Amy from the cast of The Marilyn Conspiracy - a new play premiering at the Edinburgh Festival.  What REALLY happened to Marilyn Munroe?  Also news of new versions of A Christmas Carol, and Shakespeare's classics, Henry V-Lion of England and Hamlet-Horatio's Tale with Sir Derek Jacobi - all adapted and directed by our own Nick Hennegan!

Absolute Hell at the National Theatre - and Dylan thomas Day - LLPC 075

Nick Hennegan attends a brilliant Royal National Theatre revival of Absolute Hell- a play about a drinking club in Soho, London - then goes to a modern drinking club in London - the Poetry Cafe - to celebrate the third International Dylan Thomas Day! 

London Book Fair Part Three - and the Beatles! - LLPC 074

Join Nick Hennegan for episode three of the London Book Fair - with writer Jon-Jon, a 'Walking Dead' TV show bar and find out which 60's icon turned down The Beatles as a backing band! @LondonBookFair

The London book fair Part Two, Annie Lennox, Brian Ferry and Shakespeare's Birthday! - LLPC 073

Join Nick Hennegan for his radio show 'Literary London' on Resonance 104.4fm.

With part two of The London Book Fair,  The Bookseller Magazine, Brian Ferry and Annie Lennox singing Shakespeare! 

The London Book Fair - Part One - LLPC 072

Writer Nick Hennegantakes his mic to the London Book Fair and gets the stories behind the stories, as it were...!

Nick Hennegan, award winning writer and director, returns to Resonance 104.4 fm with his weekly 'Literary London' radio show. This week he celebrates Martin Luther King and hears from Irish writer, Sean O'Casey talking in 1962 about 'The Plough and The Stars',  recentlyproduced with the Abbey Theatre, Dublin and the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith.

Writer Nick Hennegan takes a personal look back at some of the creative highlights of 2017.  It includes music from The Royal Court production of Road and the new version of A Christmas Carol.  US politician and now author, Hillary Clinton talks about Russia, sexism, her political future and what George Bush said about Donald Trump's inauguration!

Christmas In Soho -LLPC 068

Nick Hennegan celebrates Christmas in Soho with some of the artists past and present who live and work there.  Includes the fab Christmas in Soho song with Dusty O and The Soho Cares Singers, Guy Masterson with Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales and the Pogues, A Rainy Night In Soho.  And Nick may relent and play that other famous Pogues Christmas tune!

 LINKS - Join the Soho Society -

Guy Masterson -

Dylan Thomas -

A Christmas Carol  - 

Maverick Theatre Company -

 Join Nick Hennegan, writer of The London Literary Pub Crawl, for Christmas in a London Pub.  With music and poetry from Cerys Matthews and new music from Robb Williams' acclaimed score from the new theatre production of A Christmas Carol.  Nick also has late-night reminiscences with local Londoners from Hammersmith, Ireland and Notting Hill.  And we give a big shout-out to Blanche The Chicken!

Links from this podcast -

Thanks to The Raven Pub and their staff -

Cerys Matthews -

A Christmas Carol -

Robb Williams - Composer -

A night in a London Pub - farewell to Gerry -  LLPC 066

After 32 years as a publican at The Churchill Arms in Kensington, London, Gerry O'Brian is hanging up his beer glasses.  Nick Hennegan joins Gerry and locals, journalists, brewery workers and rowdy regulars for an emotional last night in a great London pub.

Features music from The Fureys, Hothouse Flowers, Blackthorn... Vera Lynn and Winton Churchill!

William Blake, Jah Wobble, Counting Crows, William Wordsworth, Dylan Thomas, Richard Burton and others! Nick Hennegan presents another Summer literary and musical mix-up.

Peoples Choice 1.

We've celebrated the Summer Solstice recently in the UK.  In response to numerous emails and other requests, writer and presenter, Nick Hennegan has complied an hour of poetry and music special to him to start things off.  But he'd like to hear your faves!  Please send us YOUR list of summer songs and poems to with a line about why they are special to you.

Here's Nicks list and memories...

Summer the First Time - Bobby Godsboro  Yes! Really! This happened to me, although I didn’t have a red Chevrolet.

The Boys of Summer - Dylan Thomas, read by Richard Burton.  An ideal combination of Thomas and Burton. I’m working with Richard Burton’s nephew on A Christmas Carol.

Summer. Vivaldi.  ‘Nuff said. One of the first tunes that made me realise how evocative classical music can be. Wheelers Lane Secondary Modern Boys School, Birmingham. Mr Flavel’s music class.

Summer In The City - The Lovin' Spoonful.  Evokes to me the feeling of the swinging sixties in London and particularly Soho, where I spend TOO much time.

Shall I Compare Thee To A Summers Day.   I came late to Shakespeare and wrote my first adaptation of Henry V when I was 35.  So this is great - a spoken version by the great actor John Neville, who I think went to Canada to establish a Shakespeare Festival.  And followed by a beautiful version, set to music, by Bryan Ferry.  It’s not how it was originally intended perhaps, but the glory of Shakespeare’s work is its versatility. This is why I read this at my Mom's funeral.

Fields Of Gold. Eve Cassidy.   Sting wrote one of the sweetest love songs to his wife. This version is sung by Eva Cassidy. It was loved by my friend in Birmingham, Doreen. Dor was a barmaid who had the soul of an artist.  Both Dor and Eva were taken early by the evil that is cancer.

Fern Hill - Dylan Thomas.  Dylan Thomas’ memory of his boyhood holidays touches me particularly as I spent all my boyhood holidays in Wales. The lamb white days may never come again, but the memories of Corris and Aberdovey will live and linger long with love.

Fern Hill by Debbie Wiseman.  Griff Rhys Jones made a brilliant film about the last days of Dylan Thomas, called ‘A Poet In New York’. Equally brilliant was the sound track by Debbie. Here’s one of the tracks, segued at the end of Dylan’s reading. 

Cader Idris - Robin Huw Bowen & Welsh Triple Harp.  Continuing the Welsh Summer theme, there can be fewer spectacular sights in the world than the Welsh Mountain, Cader Idris on a summers day.  There are numerous legends about Cader Idris. Some nearby lakes are supposed to be bottomless and anyone who sleeps on its slopes alone will supposedly awaken either a madman or a poet.  I’ve not dared try it yet!

Fear No More the Heat O' the Sun - William Shakespeare, read by Emma Topping.  'Nuff said, Will!

Hold Back The River - James Bay.  Rivers and summer holidays. A bit tenuous this one, but “We rode our bikes into the sky” does it for me.  And it’s a Brit Hit.

Laugharne - Dylan Thomas.  One of the things that surprised me about Dylan Thomas is how funny he can be. This is a short piece about the little Welsh village he eventually called home. I’ve not been there yet, but I will do one day.

The First Picture of You - The Lotus Eaters.  I worked for a radio station called BRMB in the English Midlands and was fortunate to be taken on a summer press trip to Cyprus to learn wind surfing!  Most press trips are vaguely pressured, but this one was anything but!  We lounged about with some beautiful thong-tanned people on a quiet, white-sanded, blue-skied beach drinking Ouzo and eating Mezes.  This was the musical hit at the time, although the 12 inch extended version is better!  I still can’t wind surf, by the way…

Who Will Buy - London Cast recording.  You can’t get much more London than Oliver and Charles Dickens.  Although this song was written about a Victorian era, it still rings very true today.

The Picnic - David Snell - Much Ado About Nothing. 

Emma Thompson voices the opening lines of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, in this soundtrack from the Kenneth Branagh film. It’s a great film, and Ken captures perfectly the vibe of the piece by using one location in Tuscany as both location and production base. Some of the interviews on site with Brian Blessed and Richard Briars are hilarious.


On the occasion of International Dylan Thomas Day, co-ordinator and poet Mab Jones talks to Nick Hennegan about the day.  And has some great insights and advice about how to live as a poet and writer in the modern world!  

Alan Ginsberg was one of the seminal American 'Beat Poets' of his generation.  Nick Hennegan marks the 20th anniversary of his death by looking at his life - including his trip to London - and playing some rare recordings - including the once hugely controversial poem 'Howl' 

Celebrating St Patrick's Day, Nick Hennegan introduces interviews from the past about famous Irish Writers Brendan Behan, Patrick Kavanagh and Sean O'Casey, who is heard here in a rare live interview.

Nick Hennegan looks at Anthony Burgess' most famous work - A Clockwork Orange - with a podcast from the Anthony Burgess Foundation and music from the Stanley Kubrick film. First broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM - London's Art Station.

Nick Hennegan celebrates the centenary of the birth of Anthony Burgess - with two guest podcasts! One from the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and another featuring the author himself reading the first chapter of his most famous hit 'A Clockwork Orange'.

Nick Hennegan presents his weekly radio show on Resonance 104.4FM.  This week he wants to hear from you about ASMR - and reads two short stories to celebrate the birthday of Charles Dickens.

After the four new play segments were read at Ealing, (see podcast below)we took a break and then the audience asked writers, cast and director Nick Hennegan about the process.  This hour also features a famous Burns Night poem! See more at 

The original live recording, of 10 minute excerpts from the Orchard Cafe in Ealing, London. 

NAT - THE DENTAL DOCTOR. Written by Jon Baker.

SYSTEM FAILURE: Mission Number 5. Written by Leah Ashfield

THE EXPORTS. Written by James Elliott

FESTIVE SPIRIT.  Written by Anna Ferris

Please vote for your favourite at  A donation of at least £1.50 is asked for to go toward the cost of a full production for the winner! 

Nick Hennegan talks all things Dylan Thomas with music, interviews and performances at the Wheatsheaf Pub in London - after a wreath laying ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Nick presents a spooky Halloween Radio show, with a ghost story called They, from 1904 - by Rudyard Kipling!  Spooky!

Writer Lucy Beresford talks to Nick Hennegan from The London Literary Pub Crawl about her new book Hungry For Love.  

She also talks about her sex-therapy, radio and TV career and how she started in the business.

Find out more about Lucy here.

Nick Hennegan supported the first International Dylan Thomas celebrations last year.  In 2016 he was involved with Dylan Day again, with the help of Literature Wales.  Hear Dylan's 'Return Journey' and Nick chat to to a number of Thomas experts and friends, including Hilly Janes and John Goodby, as well as random artists and poets at The Wheatsheaf Pub in London, where Dylan met his wife and where the Dylan Thomas walks start. 

Nick Hennegan talks to writer Glenn Chandler, and actor Jack McCann.  Glenn is the creator and writer of the longest running TV Detective series in the world, Taggart.  He talks to Nick about creating and writing Taggart and his latest project, The Sins of Jack Saul, the story of a Victorian rent-boy!

Our 50th Podcast!  Nick Hennegan talks to Issy van Randwick, formerly of Fascinating Aida, about a unique literary festival at The Hampstead Theatre. Then (23 mins in) Nick visits Fitzrovia to talk about the Fitzrovia Centre and a charity event with Griff Rhys Jones.

Lost Ireland and The Chiswick Bookshop launch! - LLPC 049

Nick Hennegan joins Will Derham, writer of Lost Ireland, and the Crane family, publishers of the book and owners of the new Chiswick Book Shop in West London, on the day of the book's UK launch.

UPDATE: Sadly the bookshop is no longer there. Best wishes to the family and staff.

Shakepeare's Remarkable Rose! - LLPC 048

Nick Hennegan ventures to Park Street in London's Southwark, to watch a professional production of Hamlet - in a genuine Elizabethan Theatre UNDER a modern office block! Artistic Associate Suzanne Taylor explains the remarkable story of how a group of actors and well-wishers managed to change the law in the UK a few years ago - and the future for the first Tudor Theatre on London's South Bank.

Romance at The Raven - LLPC 046

On Valentine's weekend, Nick Hennegan descends on the Raven Pub in Hammersmith, London W6.  It's late at night, but the locals like an eclectic mix of music and poetry, including Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Robbie Burns, Bryan Ferry, Annie Lennox, Lord John Wilmot, Nicole Kidman, Ewen McGregor,William Shakespeare and more.

Notting Hill - Streets of Sin!  LLPC 045

Nick Hennegan talks to Fiona Rule about her new book, 'Streets of Sin - A Dark Biography of Notting Hill.'  Not just Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant but the Murders of John Christie, notorious landlord Rachman and a fascinating and colourful history of a special area of London

Happy Christmas!  LPC 044

Nick Hennegan's Literary London Christmas Show on London Art station, Resonance Fm, featuring Dylan Thomas reading his own 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' an unusual Charles Dickens' Christmas ghost story, your requests - and music from Cerys Mathews.

The British Academy, London - LLPC 043.

You may have heard of the Royal Academy in London. The Royal Academy is for painters. So what is the British Academy all about? Humanities and Social Sciences is what.  Nick Hennegan battled through Mulled Wine and Jazz Music at the splendid mansion in Carlton Terrace in London to find out more for Literary London!

Addicted to Death! - LLPC 042

A crime fiction novel with a difference.  The hero Detective is a carrot assisted by humans and a couple of fruits!  Matthew Redford has written an unusual crime story and talks to Nick about being an accountant and a proud Bermondsey boy!


Dylan Thomas' New Poem.  LLPC 041

Join Nick Hennegan live at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Fitzrovia, London for the launch of a 'new' poem by Dylan Thomas. With Hilly Janes, Jeff Towns, Dylan's son-in-law, Trefor Ellis and actor Celyn Jones who wrote and performed Dylan in the film 'Set Fire To The Stars' with Elijah Wood.  And Dylan Thomas himself, reading his son-in-laws favourite story.  With music by the acclaimed Cerys Matthews.

The Bloomsbury Festival 2015 - LLPC 040. 

Nick Hennegan travels to Bloomsbury to talk to about the Bloomsbury Festival, 2015.  He's joined by new Festival Director Kate Anderson, Programmer John-Paul Muir and an old friend of our podcast, writer Louisa Treger  (LLPC 019) who is celebrating the first birthday of her book, The Lodger.

Victorian Steam Punk - LLPC 039 

Nick Hennegan talks to Natasha Pulley about her debut, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. A magical novel set in Victorian London and Japan which features a mysterious Japanese watchmaker who can ‘remember the future’, a synesthetic Home Office telegraphist stuck in a rut, and a cross-dressing young physicist called Grace. Exploring notions of time and destiny, it captures 1880s London in all its smoggy drama – from experiments on the existence of the ‘luminiferous ether’ to Knightsbridge’s Japanese artisan village, and Gilbert and Sullivan writing The Mikado.

Natasha Pulley is a 27 year old author from Ely. A graduate of the University of Oxford and UEA’s Creative Writing MA, she has just returned from nineteen months living in Japan. 

Guy Masterson talks frankly to Nick Hennegan in the Assembly Room bar about being Richard Burton's nephew; the real Dylan Thomas and his wife, Caitlin; Hannah Ellis; his career in Los Angeles and offers advice to anyone thinking of acting or bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Includes excepts of Guy's acclaimed recording of Under Milk Wood and Fern Hill, with music by Matt Clifford.

For further infomation on Guy Masterson, see

For further information on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival see

New Magic for a New Era - LLPC 037.

Nick Hennegan is joined by ex-BBC technician, company founder and now author Tom Evans about how we can all find new magic and live a charmed life. That's GOT to be a goer!

Nick Hennegan Goes To Bedford Park!  - LLPC 036

Torin Douglas and Father Kevin talk to Nick at St Michael and All Angels, Chiswick, about the Bedford Park Festival, the changing face of West London, religion in the community and their famous Irish son, W.B. Yeats.  Features rare recordings of Yeats talking about other poets, including 'new kid on the block' T.S. Eliot, music from Torin's favourite script 'Shakespeare In Love' and Dylan Thomas reading his own poem and one of Father Kevin's favourites, 'Fern Hill'.

A Teenage Girls Guide To Being Fabulous! - LLPC - 035

Nick Hennegan talks internet grooming, sexting, sexism and some of the pressures teenage girls are facing today with award-winning journalist and TV presenter Suzanne Virdee. Suzanne deals with some of these probems in her new book and shows how tennage girls can be Fabulous!

The Welcome Book Awards - LLPC -034

Nick Hennegan eats canapés, drinks Bellinis and then talks to some of the Runners Up of the Welcome Trust Book Awards, including Dr Alice Roberts!  

Nick also has a rare personal interview with legendary writer, Bill Bryson.

The Fitzroy - An Autobiography of a London Tavern. - LLPC 033

The Fitzroy Tavern is the legendary pub that gave its name to Fitzroiva - the bohemian centre of London W1, just north of Oxford Street.  Between the wars Dylan Thomas, Augustus John, Betty May, Nina Hamnet were all regulars, as were Bud Flanagan, Tommy Cooper, Walter Sickert, Ralph Reader and the last Hangman in England at various times!

Sally Fiber was born in the pub and talks to Nick Hennegan about her autbiography of the establishment.

Tudor Allen's Camden - LLPC 032

Charles Dickens, Dylan Thomas, Alan Bennett, Kingsley Amis, George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Woolf - just a few of the writers who loved and lived in the London Borough of Camden.  Archvist Tudor Allen joins Nick Hennegan to talk about the origins of the Fleet River, Holborn and the pubs of Withnail and I!

Camden Council logo
The Good Sheperd

The Good Shepherd - LLPC 031

Playwrights Ian Dickson-Potter and Robert Pope and White Bear Theatre Artistic Director Michael Kingsbury join Nick Hennegan on Literary London to talk about writing and producing their new play, The Dead Shepherd. The play looks at the life and times - and authorship - of William Shakespeare and looks at the myths behind the death of Christopher Marlow. 

The Literary London Walk - PART ONE  LLPC 029

Since its creation over 40 years ago, London's Freedom Pass concessionary travel scheme has continued to grow in popularity and there are now over 1 million registered holders. Whether a fruit picker or forager, a rambler or angler, or simply someone who enjoys the quirky charm of a local pub, Bradt's new Freedom Pass book is the perfect read to help you get the most out of your Pass. Featuring 25 walks and days-out for Freedom Pass holders, the guide covers an area up to 25 miles from central London, all easily accessible by train, tube or bus. And of course you can do the walks without a Freedom Pass! The authors, Mike Pentelow and Peter Arkell, are keen ramblers who can count walking the entire length of the Thames amongst their many adventures. Long time London residents, they are both members of numerous local organisations and societies and take Nick Hennegan on the Literary London Tour.  Part One.

The Literary London Walk - Part Two - LLPC - 030

The second part of the walk with Mike Pentelow and Peter Arkell, starting in Fleet Street.

For copyright reasons, the music and poetry has been removed, but Resonance FM's Literary London show can be found on Mixcloud.

Mike and Peter. In the pub!

With nearly 50 years experience in the newspaper industry, journalist James MacManus became a novelist.  His latest book, 'Sleep In Peace Tonight', is a story of drama and romance, but combines truth to bring the London of the Blitz to life. Churchill, Roosevelt and his special envoy, the now forgotten Harry Hopkins, all star.  James talks to Nick Hennegan about the book, his career and how he misjudged Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe!

Author and internet entrepreneur Joanna Penn joins Nick Hennegan to talk about self-publishing, changing careers, Harry Potter, writing for Young Adults, her own novels and the joys of creative self-employment.

Griff Rhys Jones

At the end of the 2014 Dylan Thomas centenary year, Nick Hennegan talks to the creators of the 'Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia Festival', Griff Rhys Jones and Dylan's Granddaughter, Hannah Ellis.  

We talk about Dylan Thomas' legacy, copyright of his work, a proposed annual, worldwide Dylan Thomas Day, a new foundation and how Dylan was largely an academic 'outsider.'  And tales of how Dylan was as a father and a son. You might want to see Dylan's friends and relatives talking about him here.

We are delighted to announce that this Podcast is now supported by the Fitzrovia Partnership Business Improvement District for 12 months.

Richard Burton, St James Theatre and the £120,000 Dylan Thomas Notebook!  LLPC 025

Nick Hennegan talks Richard Burton and Dylan Thomas to James Albrecht, Creative Director of the St James Theatre and actor Rhodri Miles who plays both characters in his one man shows.  Jeff Townes joins in the conversation from the Dylan Thomas Birthplace in Swansea and talks about the excitment of successully bidding £120,000 at Sotherby's for the newly discovered Dylan Thomas notebook!  

(See the full unedited conversation with Jeff Towns on our VIDEO page.)

Soho writer and performer Celine Hispiche's, Tiger Woman and The Beast.  LLPC 024

Nick Hennegan talks to Soho writer and performer Celine Hispiche about her latest projectTiger Woman and the Beast - a new musical about the late Betty May.  They talk history, obsession and play a couple of songs from the show.

Julia Bell, Dave The Hat and Bob Lawrence. LLPC 023.

Writer, broadcaster and producer Nick Hennegan is joined by Julia Bell, writer and creator of the University of London, Birkbeck College MA Creative Writing Programme, Dave The Hat, of 'In Yer Ear' fame and first time novelist, Radio Luxembourg DJ Bob Lawrence. They talk self-publishing, original voices and read from their books.

Hilly Janes and Geoff Hayden talk Dylan Thomas - LLPC 022

Hilly Janes - daughter of artist Alfred Janes who moved to London with Dylan Thomas - talks about her new book The Three Faces of Dylan Thomas. Also joining Nick Hennegan is Geoff Haden, ower of the Dylan Thomas Birthplace in Swansea, Wales.

Griff Rhys Jones, his Fitzrovia kitchen and Dylan Thomas!  - LLPC 021

Nick Hennegan visits comedian and producer Griff Rhys Jones' kitchen! From his home in Fitzrovia, London, Griff talks about Dylan Thomas, Fitzrovia, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester and the highlights of his centenary Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia Festival.

Maverick Theatre, The British Museum and the Portland Vase - LLPC 020.

Nick Hennegan talks to Fitzrovia writer Sue Blundell, director Katie Merritt and the cast about Sue's new play, '189 Pieces'.  It's about the 2,000 year old Portland Vase. The play premiers at London's British Museum.

H. G. Wells' lover, The Lodger and Free E-Poetry!  LLPC 019. 

This week Writer and Director Nick Hennegan is joined by Louisa Treger talking about her debut novel The Lodger - a biographical novel about author Dorothy Richardson, and a great London story.

Dorothy was a peer of Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Set, and pioneered the new style of fiction which became known as stream of consciousness. She was the lover of H. G. Wells, as well as a feminist and bisexual, at a time when this was extremely taboo.

Nick is also joined by The Saison Poetry Library's Assistant Librarian, Pascal O’Loughlin from London’s Southbank Centre to talk about a new, FREE, Poetry e-loan scheme.

The Southbank Centre 2014 Literary Festival - LLPC 018

Nick Hennegan, writer, director and producer of the London Literary Pub Crawl, is joined by artists and writers Nicholas Johnson, Claire Allfree and Richard Strange, who are performing or curating events at the Southbank Centre's 2014 Literary Festival.  Performances are based around William S Burroughs, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and features one-time Camden vagrant alcoholic, writer John Healy

Marc Elliott, Caroline Morris & Hangover Square. - LLPC 017

Former 'Eastender' Marc Elliott and former Dr Who actor Caroline Morris join Nick Hennegan in the first show after the summer break to talk about Scotland, writing and Patrick Hamilton's Hangover Square.

Lest We Forget - Songs and poetry of World War One. - LLPC 016 

On the 100th Anniversary of the First World War, Nick Hennegan looks at the poetry and music of the period in London and the USA - and how sentiments changed from Rupert Brook's The Soldier to Wilfred Owen's Anthem to Doomed Youth.

Rebecca Rouillard from The Writers Hub; Aldous Huxley on writing and D.H. Lawrence; Shaw & Hemingway.  - LLPC 015

Rebecca Rouillard from Birkbeck Writers Hub joins Nick with some new writing and we hear from Birthday Boys, Earnest Hemingway and Aldous Huxley who talks about writing and D. H. Lawrence!

Great Speeches & Poems Requests - LLPC 014

On the hottest day of the year in London,Nick Hennegan takes your requests for your favourite speeches and poems, featuring Leonardo Di Caprio and David Tennant, with works by William Shakespeare, Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas and T.S. Eliot.

American Writers Part Two and Caroline Morris. LLPC 013

Part two of our Resonance FM celebration of Independence day.  Caroline Morris joins Nick Hennegan and talks about changing London, Mary Poppins and Charles Dickens. And we look behind Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech.

American Writers and Requests - 4 July, 2014.  LLPC 012

Nick Hennegan celebrates U.S. Independence Day with listeners requests and some rare readings by ERNEST HEMINGWAY, WALT WHITMAN and T.S. Eliot. Also news about the closure of one of the world's most famous literary bars, Harry's Bar, in Venice.


Former BBC Daytime TV exec Steve Weddle and former TV Producer and Dr Who actor Caroline Morris talk to Nick Hennegan on Resonance FM about the process of writing.  They discuss London Literature and Steve's Book 'It Starts With A Kiss', unusual because he wrote his central character as a female!


An hour of Dylan Thomas gossip from Resonance 104.4 fm, London's Art Station - featuring Richard Burton and Under Milk Wood -  Jeff Towns, writer of 'Dylan Thomas - The Pubs' and Jeff Haden, owner and restorer of the Dylan Thomas Birthplace in Swansea. Presented and produced by Nick Hennegan.


Nick Hennegan is joined on Literary London on Resonance 104.4FM by Louise West, interim director of the Charles Dickens Museum in London. They talk about Dicken's writing and play some London and Dickins-centric music. Charles Dickens died this week, on 9th June, 1870.


On the 70th Anniversary of D-day, Nick is joined by Writers Hub Editor Rebecca Rouillard. New short stories, a brilliant comedy performance on the drowning of Brixton, new music, war poetry, The Last Post and Auld Lang Syne.  Another mad-cap, but thoughtful literary hour!


An irreverent look at Shakespeare's 450th Birthday though speeches and music with Nick Hennegan on Resonance 104.4fm. Includes speeches by Sir Laurence Olivier, David Tennant, Simon Russell Beale, Emma Thompson and music from Sir Kenneth Branagh's films, Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing.


Nick Hennegan's weekly radio show, Literary London on Resonance 104.4FM looks at the highlights of Arts Week, London writers and writing projects and the areas of Renaissance London still visible today. (A link to Soundcloud)

LITERARY LONDON - DYLAN THOMAS.  The first broadcast!

Nick Hennegan presents a weekly radio show on Resonance 104.4FM in London.  This first show includes a tribute to author Sue Townsend and features  Dylan Thomas. Nick speaks to Ian Richards from the London Welsh about their work in the capital and author Jeff Towns, the 'Dylan Thomas Guy' about his book, 'Dylan Thomas:The Pubs'. He also talks to actor Jason Morell, Festival Director of forthcoming festival, 'Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia,' the brainchild of local boy, comedian Griff Rhys Jones.  The podcast also features some of Dylan's work read by - who else - Richard Burton and by the poet himself.


Nick Hennegan, writer and producer of the London Literary Pub Crawl, won an award from the Society of London Theatre (S.O.L.T.) for the Literary Pub Crawl performance and script. He also established the Maverick Theatre Company in Birmingham and was a radio d.j so his old BBC Radio station asked him to pop in and talk about things.  You can hear him HERE 


Below is our first casual recording, made in May 2013, with Mikey, Bar Manager of the Newman's Arms in Fitzrovia. One of our destinations and a brilliant Pie Restaurant, although they sometimes close at the weekends! Listen to Mikey talk to Nick Hennegan HERE


We were delighted to be visited by Eric Chase, actor and the current organiser and producer of the New York Literary Pub Crawl from the USA. We had a chat with him at the Coach and Horses in Soho. Listen to Eric HERE. And check out the NY Literary Pub Crawl website HERE