Maverick's Summer Newsletter - Our First E-Book!

August 22, 2014

(I know... Maddie says a newsletter a month and the last one was June. But I've been busy. And now we have Katie. More about her next time!)

Norman The Brummie, Fox Hunting in Kingstanding and Lest We Forget.


What a great summer it's been so far! Although Hyde Park was starting to resemble Australia. The grass had turned yellow and parched. But we're loving the hot weather. And we know it ain't gonna last.  

100 years ago it was also an unusua
l summer. We declared war on Germany and everyone thought it would all be over by Christmas. Tragically, it wasn't.  

Maverick has always been about 'real' people so I'm delighted to introduce a Brummy lad who remembers World War One Zeppelin raids!  Norman Raybone, born in Aston, Birmingham, was also washing his shirts on board his warship when the Yalta Conference happened a World War later, but between these momentous events, he experienced the death of a baby sister, a gambling habit, poverty, violence and romance. 

I love his story. He's not a writer, but a Brummie lad who decided to record his memoirs at the behest of his eldest son.  He found writing VERY difficult, but I think it's a Birmingham Angela's Ashes!  I've turned it into an e-book called 'Confessions of a Butcher Boy' and we've released it as a preview copy for you to check out for just £1.81! If you know Birmingham you MUST read it. And feel free to leave a review on Amazon - or email me if you find any problems or (too many!) typo errors.  

A bit like PALS, I love the notion of sharing our real world stories around... well, the world!

Norman has sadly passed on now, but if Part One goes well, I'll edit and publish Part Two. I think he'd have loved this!

Find Norman here.


Talking of World War One, I also did a show on Resonance FM about the art, music and poetry of the time. It's here.

The radio show is on holiday, but we're back mid September with an ex-Eastender and an ex-Dr. Who-er!




We've gone Box Office!


 Maverick's West End Run (!) The London Literary Pub Crawl is getting ever more popular.  We've a new booking system.  

See here - 'Tickets'


Thanks so much for your feedback on this newsletter last time.  Keep it coming. I love to hear from you.  And don’t forget if you are involved in anyway with the literary scene in London, please let me know.  Bookclub, festival, events, favourite music to write by, new book... anything.  

And news next time about Maverick Theatre performing at the BRITISH MUSEUM!



Love/theatrical hugs,






Nick Hennegan.

Artistic Director, Producer, Tea-boy and Maddy (and Katie’s) Chum.




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About Me

Nick Hennegan Hello. I started the London Literary Pub Crawl and most of the blogs on here will be by me. I've always written but my first theatrical success was an adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Henry V'. I founded Maverick Theatre in 1994. This pub crawl is really more a promenade theatre performance than a tour and I'm running it with Katie Merritt, who came on board to direct in 2014 and a bunch of enthusiastic local actors and writers. I love sharing my passion for the area and the artists. I also present a radio show on Resonance 104.4fm - London's Arts Station. It's called 'Literary London' and is on Fridays at 7pm (and repeated Weds at 7am.) If you haven't visited us in London yet, I hope you'll come soon. And feel free to leave comments or email me at nick @ - I reply to them all and I love to hear from you.
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