Our favourite reads

Here at the London Literary Pub Crawl we are ALL about books, plays, writers and artists.  So here are a few of our favourite books we've been reading or have read recently. And if you like the look of the books, you can buy them here too.

London by Edward Rutherford.

This was a gift to our writer Nick.  It's pretty epic and tells the whole history of London through the eyes of one family.  Great stuff.

Have a look HERE

Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia by Paul Willetts.

We love Julian Maclaren-Ross!  If you've never heard of him, but love the between-the-wars writers and poets, you should read this.

Synonymous though he is with Soho, his uniquely strange life included spells in the army and on the French Riviera. His chaotic existence makes Jack Kerouac and Charles Bukowski appear models of stability and self-restraint. During fifty-two hectic years Maclaren-Ross endured alchoholism, drug-induced psychosis, poverty, homelessness, imprisonment, near insanity and a Scotland Yard man-hunt. At one stage he even stalked and planned to murder George Orwell's glamorous widow!

Of Love and Hunger by Julian Maclaren-Ross

The key literary figure in the pubs of post-war Fitzrovia, (we start our tour at his favourite pub)  Maclaren-Ross pulled together his dispersed energies to write two great books: the posthumously published Memoirs of the Forties and this spectacular novel of the Depression, Of Love and Hunger - harsh, vivid, louche and slangy it deserves a permanent place alongside Coming Up for Air and Hangover Square, a book discussed with actors Caroline Morris and Marc Elliot on our radio podcast.

JULIAN MACLAREN-ROSS COLLECTED MEMOIRS Paperback – another great Fitzrovia read.

One of our writer, Nick's, favourites.  A snap-shot of 1940's literary London.  It includes Julian's dealings with the likes of Dylan Thomas, who he worked with during the war, writing propaganda films.  If you get time, read Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia first.  It'll give you another take on the memoir.

Thames Valley Tales is a collection of 15 short stories by UK-based author Tim Walker. These original stories are based on the author's experience of living in London and Thames Valley towns, and combine contemporary tales with the rich history and mythology of an area stretching from London beyond Oxford into the heart of rural England.

Tim actually wrote to us asking him to include his book on this page and we're happy to oblige! Particularly as the story The Seesaw Sea of Fatewas directly inspired by him going on the London Literary Pub Crawl!

How to Make A Crisis Out Of A Drama, by Nick Hennegan.

Nick Hennegan is the multi award-winning writer and producer who came up with the idea and wrote the script for The London Literary Pub Crawl.  He was nominated for 'Creative Britain' in the millennium and won a Guinness Award through the Royal National Theatre for his play 'A Ghost of A Chance.'  So he wrote a book about it!  Nick writes with humour and candour about the trials and tribulations of running a small-scale theatre company and in the best tradition of  'stream-of-conciseness' writing, evaluates the theatre scene in the UK and looks at larger life in general . (NOTE: It contains scenes some may find upsetting.)

More great books to follow.  In the meantime, check out our favourite bookstore in London, the fabulous...

They've a great coffee shop too, if you are in London.  

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