The End of Edinburgh...

November 27, 2018

For a writer, I've not been writing on here very much!  Mainly due to the creative madness that is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  I actually had THREE productions I’d written and directed at the festival this year - A Christmas Carol, Henry V - Lion of England and Hamlet - Horatio’s Tale.  Yes, it was a hectic, but a glorious and intense experience.  Adapting Shakespeare’s Hamlet almost sent me as mad as the gloomy Dane himself. (Or was he mad? Or gloomy?  Or just pretending.  How mad is Hamlet?  Does he believe in the Ghost that appears?  Does he depend on his girlfriend, Ophelia?  Is it a betrayal that she obeys her father over Hamlet?  You can see the kind of summer I had, writing and directing this one.  Even with a beautiful and glorious acting talent like Kizzy Dunn!  And the beautiful and glorious voice of Sir Derek Jacobi!)

But what I went though during this summer is exactly what many of our Pub Crawl writers went through in different ways. George Orwell’sDown and Out in London and Paris’ always strikes a significant note with me.  And talking of Orwell, The Newman’s Arms has reopened!  Not only is it widely known as the Proles pub from Orwell’s 1984, it’s also one of my favourite pubs on our tour.  For reasons we will explain if you join us!

In the meantime, I miss my actor Kizzy - it is very intense working with only one actor on a production.  But Edinburgh went well and I’m preparing another two shows for next years Festival.  And if you join us on the Literary Pub Crawl, I’ll tell you all about that over a pint in the new Newmans!



Kizzy is King of Edinburgh. And Queen. And Prince...

July 27, 2018
I've just realised I've not been on here since May.  It's mainly the fault of my writing a new verison of Hamlet.  Called, Hamlet-Horatio's Tale, it's a one-man show, played by a woman, Kizzy Dunn, pictured below. And with Sir Derek Jacobi as the voice of Old Hamlet.  And I've got to get back to rehearsals now, so more later.  Come and see us at the Assembly Rooms on George Street.  You won't regret it.  And you can buy me a drink...!  x


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Crowning a new King and Prince

May 14, 2018

Crowning a new King and Prince.

It’s been a strange old few weeks. With our Shakespeare’s Tavern Tour around the south bank in London celebrating the birth of the bard, to final actors auditions for our new Edinburgh Fringe show, to gatecrashing the end of the London marathon - it’s been a time of high emotion. 

It was Shakespeare that started my writing and theatre journey in 1992 and all these years later I’m still creating new works based on his genius.

Auditions for actors are always...

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Verily, things be busy...!

April 14, 2018

It’s been a busy few weeks in London Literary Pub Crawl land. We’ve had three parties this week, including our first ‘Coffee Shop’ Tour - the non-alcoholic version of the Literary Pub Crawl - for 35 young students from South Africa. If you’ve been to see us you’ll know there are a few ‘adult’ stories. We took those out of course and the whole group were fantastic and really seemed to get what we were offering. 

Later we hosted a private tour with two Americans. Rusty was the Fa...

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The Snow Must Go On...!

March 9, 2018
Sorry... I mean the SHOW must go on!  And it is.  We've had snow in London!  It doesn't really happen very often and so when it does, we're not really prepared for it.  I think the last time the snow settled here was around five years ago.  Our cold spell only lasted about a week, which was quite long enough, thank you very much!  But now the weather has warmed up and it feels properly like Spring.  The daffodils are already out.  And I'm pleased to report, that in spite of the weather, the L...
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